The association

Our goals

Created in 2022, the association aims to promote a healthy lifestyle in sport. It will support sport and human challenges or sports in general and at time promote the only natural and healthy energy drink ; WATER !

We are not selling product, but just spreading a message : Drinking water is enough to properly hydrate and surpass yourself, no need for excess sugar or caffeine..

This approach was born out of an observation.

Energy drinks are ubiquitous in sports in general and in extreme sports in particular. 

They are almost the only one to :
- produce spectacular films
- organize major events
- sponsor and professionalize athletes.

These multinationals invest massively in sport and image but for the benefit of promoting a product that is rather harmful to health. These energy drinks are very widely consumed, especially by the youngest who are very receptive to this communication strategy.

At its level, NEED H2O wishes to communicate with the same codes but for the benefit of a more responsible approach.